420: Unit 2

History 420: United States, 1861-1941, Winter, 2023-24

Part II: Progressive Era

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14. America in the World

READ: Yawp, 82-92; and 420 Docs, 123-129

To what extent do the facts, as reported in Yawp, support the “patriotic views” promoted by Schweichart and Allen? Consider the motives behind American interventions, the methods used and the impact of US involvement in world affairs. Were Americans unanimous in their foreign policy views? 

Take a few minutes to prepare for our METIC.  Get a blank piece of white paper, and write about the quality of Harkness/learning environment in this class. Make two lists. What is going well. What could be improved upon. Tuck this piece of paper into a book that you bring to class every day.  During the next long block, we'll pass these around and read them anonymously and then have a discussion about them.  

15. Progressive Origins and Ideals. 

READ 420 Docs, 130-139 & 153-154 (Rauschenbusch & Susman)

Use the "phrases" worksheet and your notes to identify the contradictions and tensions in Progressivism. Can these be resolved? As you read the narrative, you will notice it makes several suggestions for doing further exploration. Please follow at least one of these suggestions using a library database. Consult the relevant libguide on the library website.  

16. National Progressivism. 

READ 420 Docs, 139-152 & 154-158 & Appendix, "Taft Opens Attack on the Third Party, 1912.

"New Nationalism vs. New Freedom: which best embodies the values of progressivism? To what extent did the progressive presidents live up to the ideals of progressivism? Is Taft a progressive or a conservative? Use primary documents to answer these questions.

17. Progressive Diplomacy

READ Yawp, 92-96 (review), 140-146 & Docs, 158-162, 

Is there a progressive way to conduct diplomacy? Look back at aims, methods, beliefs @ Docs, 130.

18. America in the First World War

READ Yawp, 146-154  & Docs,  162-164 (top) & 169-175 & appendix: World War I Posters, Ads

Did progressive aims, methods or beliefs characterize the way America waged war?  

19.  A Progressive Peace?

READ Yawp, 154-159, Docs 164-169

What does Wilson mean by a "balance of power" what does he want to replace it with? Can it work?

20. The 20s: First Modern Decade? 

READ Yawp, 163-164, 167-169, 174-188 (with special attention to 181-185) & 420 Docs, 175-183

Provocation: The culture war is nothing more than enlightened modernism vs bigotry and ignorance.

21. In class essay. 

There will be one long essay and four brief term-identification essays.  The study guide is here.

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