420: Unit 3

History 420: United States, 1861-1941, Winter 2021-22

Part III, The 1920s and the Research Paper

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Week 6. E format: paper due during short block. H format: no homework during short block this week (work on research).

15. Paper due.

16. Research Project-1

MEET IN LIBRARY. By now you should have a topic chosen. We will meet in the library as a group to work on our projects. Begin with a literature search. Guidelines for the project under the assignments tab.

17. Research Project-2

MEET IN LIBRARY. Work on your proposal/bibliography. You should be familiar with the relevant Libguide and the various electronic databases of periodicals (newspapers and magazines).

Also, we will set up a schedule of rough draft conferences. (See Guidelines.)

Week 7. E: no short block homework. H: do homework for short block. Also, when I give papers back, you may see references to the Paper-Writing Guide (PWG). Make sure you go to the PWG and read the referenced section with advice on how to improve your writing.

18. Back in the Classroom. 1920s: The First Modern Decade?

READ Yawp, 163-164, 169-188 & 420 Docs, 154-162

QF: The culture war is nothing more than enlightened modernism vs bigotry and ignorance.

19. Research Project-3: Proposal due. (See Guidelines.)

Turn in Proposal. Work on Step 2: literature search. Find the following secondary sources:

  • Reference source: general, specialized, biographical. At least one each from two of those categories.

  • Overviews: chronological, thematic. At least two.

  • Monographs: Scholarly, recent, book-length, article length (look in JSTOR). As many as you can find. At least three to start.

Primary sources. Periodicals: newspaper databases, hard copies of magazines in library (Readers Guide Retrospective).

Step 3: Read and find a focus.

For a list of the sorts of questions historians ask, read Doing History is Asking Questions. These questions will help you think about the larger significance of your topic.

20. Research Project-4

Meet in library and continue to work on your project. (See Guidelines.)

I will set up conference times for next week.

Week 8.

21. Conferences. During week 8, I will meet with each of you to go over your bibliography and introduction--including thesis, and topic sentences. When not your conference day, continue working on your project. (See Guidelines.)

See page 4 of the syllabus for the rest of week 8 assignments and the rest of the term.

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