420: Unit 3

History 420: United States, 1861-1941, Winter 2021-22

Part III, The 1920s and the Research Paper

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Week 6. E format: paper due during short block. H format: no homework during short block this week (work on research).

15. Paper due.

16. Research Project-1

MEET IN LIBRARY. By now you should have a topic chosen. We will meet in the library as a group to work on our projects. Begin with a literature search. Guidelines for the project under the assignments tab.

17. Research Project-2

MEET IN LIBRARY. Work on your proposal/bibliography. You should be familiar with the relevant Libguide and the various electronic databases of periodicals (newspapers and magazines).

Also, we will set up a schedule of rough draft conferences.

Week 7. E: no short block homework. H: do homework for short block.

18. Back in the Classroom. 1920s: The First Modern Decade?

READ Yawp, 163-164, 169-188 & 420 Docs, 154-162

THINK: Can you characterize the culture of the 1920s? How is it different from what came before? How does the Scopes trial fit into the tenor of the times?

19. Research Project-3

Turn in Proposal. Work on Step 2: literature search. Find the following secondary sources:

  • Reference source: general, specialized, biographical. At least one each from two of those categories.

  • Overviews: chronological, thematic. At least two.

  • Monographs: Scholarly, recent, book-length, article length (look in JSTOR). As many as you can find. At least three to start.

Primary sources. Periodicals: newspaper databases, hard copies of magazines in library (Readers Guide Retrospective).

Step 3: Read and find a focus.

For a list of the sorts of questions historians ask, read Doing History is Asking Questions. These questions will help you think about the larger significance of your topic.

20. Research Project-4

Meet in library and continue to work on your project.

For the rest of this week you will have time to work on your papers. Please log into Zoom at the beginning of class. I will have a few things to say, then take questions and let you work independently. Rough drafts will be due at the start of next week.

Week 8.

21 & 22. Conferences. During week 8, I will meet with each of you to go over your bibliography and introduction--including thesis, and topic sentences. When not your conference day, continue working on your project.

See page 4 of the syllabus for the rest of week 8 assignments and the rest of the term.

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