How to Cite Text

(in discussions)

  1. Identify a page number AND where exactly on the page the quote begins. Be precise. When identifying the paragraph, specify whether it's the second FULL paragraph or if you are including the partial paragraph on the top of the page. The class can also create a convention for the class such as: "when someone identifies the paragraph they will always include the partial paragraph at the top in their count." Are there two columns? Say "in the right [or left] column."

  2. Wait until everyone has found the passage. Look around to make sure people are not still flipping when you begin to read. Pauses are good in Harkness. It gives time to reflect. Ask: "everybody there?" You might need to say "the sentence that begins with ____" before you begin to read.

  3. Never begin reading in the middle of sentence, even if the key phrase is at the end of the sentence.

  4. Explain why you cited the text.