For Teachers

Teachers at Exeter Humanities Institute, 2022


Question Development: Teaching students to ask their own questions.

Political Classroom Workshop

Choosing Documents.


Discussing History: The tab on the upper left corner of this site.

Meg Foley's blog: Teaching Around the Oval. This entry is especially good.

My blog: Thinking While Teaching (less focused on teaching, more on history, current events, and whatever). But here is a collection of the entries on teaching.

Phillips Exeter Academy Website: How You'll Learn (the Academy's explanation of Harkness. Includes a video, and this: "It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s a collaborative approach to problem solving and learning"). See also on the school's website, Harkness Teaching Tools, and essays on Harkness.

3-4 minute videos:

The Harkness Difference: A general overview.

Harkness in Chicago: On Exeter's partnership with the Noble Academy Charter School in Chicago.

Reflections on a Harkness Class: History. A conversation with a teacher after his Harkness History class.