Discussing History

"To teach is to create a space in which the community of truth is practiced" --Parker J. Palmer

Guide to discussing history.

How to cite text.

Discussion Templates: Things to say at the Harkness table.

Questions you can ask at the table.

Taking notes on the readings: a typology of marginal notes.

Diagrams: Frequently asked questions about the Harkness diagrams I sometimes draw during class.

Grading: How discussion impacts your grade.

Group IQ: This fascinating Boston Globe article argues that the effectiveness of a group has more to do with the way the group functions than the combined IQ of its members. Groups that were more inclusive and accepting, for example were more effective at solving problems than groups that had more collective intelligence, but had members who didn't work well with others. Worth reading.

Helping quieter students. Some thoughts on how the more talkative among us can be an ally to the reticent.

Finding your voice. For reticent students.