Washington Intern Program 

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The Capitol in the early morning light

These pages contain essential information for participants in the Washington Intern Program.  It includes an Events page, a list of links to relevant external sites with information relevant helpful information, and a list of readings and assignments for the WIP English class.  A brief description of the program for Congressional offices considering one of our intern can be found HERE.

'24 interns at the White House

'23 Interns at the Capitol

"Why should one believe that political friendship can affect politics and not merely an individual’s personal experience of the public realm?... Each of us already has far more political power within our grasp than we acknowledge or allow. For that matter, all democratic citizens, even nonvoters, are already more engaged in politics than they realize."

Danielle Allen, in Talking to Strangers, a WIPENG '22 reading.

Jasmine (WIP '22) with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-NY

WIP '23 On the Metro

Breakfast at the hotel

Alumni seminar

Malcolm and Rep. Stacey Plaskett

Amelia and Jasmine at the White House garden

Alexandria with Rep. Doyle

Jasmine and Christine at the White House Easter Egg Hunt

At a Wizards NBA game

Midnight monumenting: at the Lincoln Memorial on the 100th anniversary of its dedication. 

Nur ('22) at the front desk in Sen. Shaheen's office.