550: Unit 3

History 550: Politics and Public Policy, Fall 2023

Part III: Exploring Public Policy Issues

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23. Inequality

READ: 550 Readings Book 2: All in the section under Policy Issues on Inequality & Public Policy, pp. 56-84.

QF: Inequality is at the root of all of our problems. 

24. Labor

READ: 550 Readings Book 2: 87-88 & the Labor Policy section, 89-102, and in the Appendix, the selections from the book, What Unions no Longer Do, by Jake Rosenfeld (All of the Introduction and from the top of 187-199)

QF: Unions are no longer necessary. 

The free rider card was found among the possessions of a man who worked in the aerospace industry for several decades in the mid twentieth century. 

25. The Politics of Immigration Policy

READ: 550 Readings Book 2: The section on Immigration, pp. 103-123 & WATCH: 60 Minutes on the H1B visa program.

QF: Open borders is the only ethical immigration policy.

26. Trade 

READ: 550 Readings Book 2: the Trade Policy section, 123-139.

QF: Trump's main asset in the 2020 election was that he went to bat in trade negotiations for the American worker.

Extra Reading if you're interested: Thomas Edsall column, Nov. 2, 2022. Ties trade issue to current politics and rise of conservative populism. 

27. Policy paper due.  Thursday, Nov. 2.  There will be a generous extension policy for those who are working on college Apps last minute.  

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