Rewrite Policy

Policy for rewriting formal essays

The history department guide states: "The guiding principle of rewriting should be the reward of improving one's writing skill and not the possibility of receiving a higher grade."

Students must follow the following steps when rewriting papers:

    • Review instructor's comments carefully.

    • Consult my Paper-Writing Guide for further clarification of comments.

    • Meet briefly with the teacher to discuss any remaining questions and explain your goals for rewriting. Bring a copy of your paper and the Paper-Writing Guide to this meeting.

Do not submit an edited version of the already-graded. Rewrite, and rethink, making significant--not just cosmetic--changes. Address teacher comments, but also, continue to think through your argument and make changes where necessary. Your revisions should go above and beyond suggestions made by the teacher. The process of writing and rewriting is a process of thinking and rethinking. It's also generally more enjoyably and rewarding to refine and perfect an essay than it is to start from scratch.

Turn in the rewritten essay (ALONG WITH THE ORIGINAL) one week after your conference with me. No rewritten essays will be accepted during the last week of the term. There will be no change in grade to a rewrite handed in without the original paper and no grade change for a paper that is not significantly improved.

Generally only one essay per term will received a change in grade. In some cases a student may rewrite more than one paper that received a grade of C or less.

Print this form and bring it with you to your revision conference with me. And sign to affirm you have read and understand the guidelines: