556: Unit 1

History 556: Why Are Poor Nations Poor? Winter, 2022-2023

Part 1: Mumbai

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1. Introduction to the Course.

Read the Course Requirements page.

2. Life in Mumbai

READ: In the book by Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, the prologue to p. 49.

Work to get clear on names and families. Perhaps take note of that inside your book. Start to think about: What are some of the markers of status that you see amongst the people you meet in this book? We will use the class period to put our heads together and get oriented in the story with characters and setting.

3. Life in Mumbai 2

READ: Boo, 50-116

(This is the longest single assignment. If you cannot get through it, that’s ok. The next assignments are a bit shorter and you’ll catch up). (D) In class there will be an opportunity to write (not graded). That prompt will assume you have read to p. 83.

4. Life in Mumbai 3

READ: Boo,117-151

As you read, find one paragraph to share with the class that seems to get at something important about poverty or the quality of life in Mumbai, and four key terms that also reference something you learned about poverty or life in a poor nation.

An example of a key term from the previous reading: Poor vs poor riots (31).

5. Life in Mumbai 4

READ: Boo, 166-220

6. Finale of the Boo text

READ: Boo, 220-254 (end)

7. In-Class writing. TBA

Holiday Break. Happy New Year.

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