History 204: Unit 4

Ancient Rome, Winter 2019-20

Part IV. Rome, the Barbarians, and the Decline and Fall

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30. Research. Meet in the library.

READ among the loose documents I gave you recently: Excerpts from James C. Scott, "Golden Age of the Barbarians," the whole packet, 236-256

MAPS: Vox's Roman Maps, #30

We will have a brief discussion of the reading and get started on the research project.

31. The Great Barbarian Other. Meet in the classroom.

READ loose documents: Excerpts from Peter Heather, The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians: "Barbarians and the Roman Order," 67-72. and "Roman Propaganda vs. Barbarian Reality," 72-80.

MAPS: Vox's Roman Maps, #33, 34.

What role did the barbarians play in the economic and political systems of Rome? To what extent were they a threat to Rome's continued existence? Why did the ruling class need an "imperial spin doctor"?

32. Research. Meet in the Library.

Meet in the library and continue to work on your research project.

33. The Fall of the Empire

READ: T&B, 168-170, 191-201; DOCUMENTS BOOK: List of Explanations for the Fall of the Roman Empire.

MAPS: Vox's Roman Maps, #31-32.

Why did the empire fall? Did it "fall," or did it just disintegrate, and morph into the Byzantine Empire in the East (under Constantinople)? Which of the list of reasons seems most plausible in your opinion? What role did Christianity have in weakening the empire? What role did the emperor system have in weakening of the empire? Could the U.S. "empire" similarly disintegrate one day?

34. Rome and the problem of race

READ IN DOCUMENTS BOOK: Michael Grant, "Race Against Race," excerpts, pp. 203-230 and the un-numbered pages at the end of the book which are a reappraisal of Edward Gibbon, and the LOOSE document I have you, "Racecraft.," by Fields and Fields. (pages 218-221 are out of place; the are on the sheet that is right after the Jesus reading)

MAPS: Vox's Roman Maps, #36, 37.

What was the role of racial tolerance and racism a factor in Rome's success and it's demise?

35. Research/writing day.

36. Last day of term: turn in research paper, fill out course evaluation.

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