202: Unit 3

History 101: Peoples and Cultures of the Modern World, Fall 2014

Unit 3: Politics in the Modern World

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20. "Modern" Politics in the Post-WWII Era

READ: Davidson, "Toward Modern Politics"; Bandung Conference Handout; Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, "Speech to Bandung Conference Political Committee"; President Sukarno of Indonesia, "Speech at the Opening of the Bandung Conference"

What does Davison mean by the Middle Colonial Period? What is it in between? Try to follow his explanation of how nations and nationalism emerged in Africa. Do the Africans seem to be ready for independence? Does colonialism seem to be more of a curse or a blessing? What is the non-aligned movement? Do Nehru and Sukarno sound more like traditionalists or modernists? What is colonialism in its "modern dress" according to Sukarno?

21. New Actors: Non-Governmental Organizations and International Institutions

READ: Keller and Klein, "Post WWII Trends"; Michael A. Cohen, Maria Figueroa Küpçü, and Parag Khanna, "The New Colonialists"

Why was the Cold War more intense and threatening than other previous competitions between nations? Can the new international organizations created after World War II bring about a world order ruled by laws rather than brute strength and prevent another world war? Should the US defer to these organizations even though it has the military power to assert its will? Can the "Third World" nations become another power center in a multipolar world? What is Globalization? Is this making the world a better place? Is the world becoming smaller? More standardized and more homogenized? Who are the New Colonialists according Cohen et al., and what kind of impact are they having?

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22. Essay Due/No Class

23. Debate: Is Western-Style Democracy the Best System of Government for Developing Countries?

READ: The packet of readings on Western-style democracy

Make a list of the arguments in favor and against Western-style democracy for poor countries. Which do you find most convincing? Why? Overall, which side of the debate do you lean toward?

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