550: Paper #3

History 550 Policy Paper, Fall, 2023

Please familiarize yourself with my Paper-Writing Guide. When you get your paper back you are likely to see some references to it like so: PWG, followed by a number corresponding to one of the items on the guide, 1-6.

In the first reading for this unit, on inequality, many different ideas were floated about policies to address the problem of inequality. Write an 800-word essay that identifies a cause or feature of inequality and how it can best be addressed by a new public policy. Write a on one (or more) of the policy issues we have just studied--inequality, labor, immigration, free trade.  

Heading: A title or, as we say in the news biz, a Headline.  It should let the reader know the topic and make us want to read it.  

Also: include your name, section number, and a word count.

Consider using a newspaper op ed as a model for the essay. 

No matter which topic you write about, remember that it is important to demonstrate understanding of relevant readings we have done for class in this unit.

Synthesis of readings is always good.  You might even bring in information from earlier in the term to explain the politics of the issue.

When discussing policy, people often begin by defining the problem and then they evaluate various policy solutions and the political prospects of the best solution(s) and make a recommendation. 

Do not do any extra research for this paper. Use the information from what we read. 

Make sure you provide citations for the sources of all your information, especially quotations and statistics.  Go here to see different requirements for how to cite assigned sources.