American Political Literature Grades

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Your grade will be determined based on the following assignments.

  1. Participation in weekly discussions, 30%

  2. Paper 1, 20%

  3. Paper 1 revision, bonus

  4. Paper 2, 25%

  5. Journal entries prior to April 24: Bonus.

  6. Journal entry due dates, April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15. 25%

Standards: 1. Meeting deadlines. You turned things in on time. 2. Coherence. Does the writing make a point and is the essay well written and compelling (feel free to look at my writing guide on this website)? 3. Insight. Have you used the writing process (paper, journal entries) to reach deeper understandings of the readings and your experience in DC this term? 4. Synthesis. Have you combined insights in a satisfying way from a variety of different inputs: The novel, Allen, Levin, films, work experience, etc.?