Your Questions

At the start of almost every class, a different group of students will write questions on the board. They can be either clarifying or discussion questions (go here for help formulating good discussion questions). Please do it as soon as you arrive, before you settle in at the table.

A famous person once said "showing up is 80 percent of success." The winningest NFL team of the last 20 years lives by the mantra: "Do your job." Putting the questions up is part of your job as a student in this class; it's a relatively simple way of getting a bit of credit, and showing your commitment to the course. The hardest part will be figuring out when it's your turn, but I have faith that the smartest high schoolers in America (the PEA admissions office assures us) can handle it!

For fall 2019 I've divided your class into four small groups of two or three. Group 1 will do it on the first day of the rotation (see the syllabus for when that is); Group 2 on the second, and so on. Group 1 will start again after group 4. You will do this every day that the syllabus has a QF (Question Focus), and we will continue cycling through the groups as long as we are meeting in class for discussions. Each day I will put either a check mark or an X next to the names of assigned students for that day in my grade book depending on whether or not they did their job. (If you are absent that day, you will get neither of those). There is no way of making up this assignment (if you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent, you may make a switch with a colleague). At the end of the term I will add up check marks and Xes for this and other similar things (completing other minor assignments like the cognitive dissonance analysis you did for unit 6, attendance, turning papers in on time) and give you an assessment for "showing up."

Here are the groups:

B format:

1. Kiki, Leah, Sam

2. Claudia, Ree, Tommy

3. Keaghan, Julia

4. Sky, Jack, Emmanuelle

D format:

1. Annah, Audrey, David

2. Dennesha, Tatum, Michael

3. Tom, Nana Esi

4. Sam, Chris