550: Unit 1 D Format

10.5. Tuesday, Oct. 1: Discussion of the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment process

READ: The packet I gave you on Friday or Saturday.

QF: Mr. McLaughlin came into my room during a class right after the transcript of Trump's conversation with the Ukraine president was released and said there was nothing about the conversation that calls for an impeachment inquiry. It was just "Trump being Trump."

A plug for student journalism--and state universities. A state university student newspaper got the scoop on a key element of the Ukraine story.

11. Our Federal System: National, State, Local Governments

READ: "American Government: How it works—and doesn’t," 74-89

QF: 1. Maybe we'd be better off without a federal system, just one national government providing all the survices and raising all the funds to pay for them. 2. The Republican Party controls every branch of government except the presidency: Both houses of Congress, a majority of state legislatures and governors' offices, the Supreme Court. They must be doing a good job of representing the peoples' interests.

Consult this website to see how the states raise revenue.

12. Federal system continued: National organization, Local government: FRIDAY, OCT. 4.

READ: "American Government: How it works—and doesn’t," 89-109. Review the chart on p. 80, esp. the local government column.

READ ONLINE: Peruse the Town of Exeter website: http://exeternh.gov/bcc. Pay attention to the various town boards, especially the Board of Selectmen, and the sorts of things they are responsible for. Also, take a look at these sites to get a sense of the vast size of America's regional and local governmental bodies: National League of Cities; and "Local Government in the United States," Wikipedia.

QF: Governments closest to the people work best and do the most important things.

13. Paper #1 is due. Monday, Oct. 7.

Find the assignment under the assignments tab.

14. A discussion about local government. This discussion will take place in D format on Tuesday, Oct. 8

Homework for this unit is to attend the Exeter Select Board Monday night, Oct. 7, 7 p.m. in the Town Office building, Across from town hall and the Gazebo on Front Street. Stay for 75 minutes (more if you have time and would like to stay longer).

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